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Here’s How We Increase Email Open Rates By Up To 200-300% With Dedicated Email Servers

At A Lower Price Than Your Current Autoresponder

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Want Our Team To Personally Build You a Bespoke High-Deliverability Dedicated Email Server That Outperforms Your Current Autoresponder?

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Dear Internet Marketer,

Would it surprise you to learn that we help our clients increase open rates…

Some of them literally 3-4x’ed them

Without changing a single thing in their email copy?

Not even touching the subject line at all.


Of course you are…

But stick with me and I’ll make it worth your while!

And We Do It By Using A Completely Counterintuitive Model That I’m About To Share With You On This Very Page…

The things is, when it comes to email marketing platforms

Or email autoresponders, whatever you wanna call them…

Marketers and business owners automatically go with the “mainstream” options.

Aweber, Mailchimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact and a few dozen others…

It’s the simple choice.

Where you pay for a small share of their email infrastructure.

It’s not your fault!

You’ve been led to believe that this is your only option…

If everyone else is doing it too, it must be the best deliverability you can get, right?

But Here Is Their Dirty Little Secret They Don’t Want You To Know

What I’m about to tell you might ruffle a few feathers…

Unless you’re just starting out and your list is smaller than 10,000 people

Using a shared email autoresponder will ACTUALLY hurt your email deliverability.

Many of your emails will land in the promotions tab that nobody checks.

Or even worse, in spam.

The thing is, you’re sharing your email deliverability reputation with other senders on the platform.

The same shared public pool of IPs that everyone sends from.

If they send low quality emails (most certainly), or even worse, spam…

That doesn’t only affect them.

It affects you as well.

You can do everything perfectly and it still doesn’t matter, because others will drag your open rates down with theirs.

So what can you do?


We’ll build and manage your very own dedicated email server.

With your own dedicated IP addresses, world-class infrastructure and enterprise grade software to power high deliverability rates

True, it is a bit of rocket science to set this up…

And it used to be reserved only for enterprise level players with thousands of dollars to spend every month.

But not anymore!

Why Inbox Delivery?

Improved Open Rates

Maximize your email open rates and reach the inbox more than your competitors!

Unlimited Contacts & Campaigns

No more annoying limits or concerns over your subscriber count like on all the other platforms

No More Account Suspensions

Many email platforms will close your account without notice if they don’t like something

Free Migration

Don’t miss a beat – we’ll quickly move all the lists you’ve created to Inbox Delivery.

Import Any Lists

Your server, your rules. Import any lists, anytime, without anyone looking over your shoulder or rejecting them

Any Niche

As long as it’s legal. Regardless, some niches might generally be regarded as spammy by Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

Unbeatable Price

Will literally cost you less than your current shared autoresponder

Quick Setup

You’ll be up and running in 48h, ready to warm up your IPs!

Branded Links

No more links with someone else’s name or brand in them. Promote your company, not theirs!

Fully Managed Service

We build and manage the entire email delivery infrastructure for you to make sure you achieve the absolute best inbox deliverability possible!

World Class Email Infrastructure

With over 10 years of experience running email servers and delivering over 1B+ emails for himself, our head of technology knows how to reach the inbox!

Exceptional Customer Support

Get personalised 1-on-1 support from our professional email engineers at any point of your email marketing journey.

This Must Be REALLY Expensive, Right?

Setup Fees     IP Addresses      Personalised Support

Email Software High Deliverability Server Costs

It should normally cost a lot.

Let’s look at a few competitors on a shared plan (their cheapest) for a list size of 50,000 Contacts

 Setup Fees

 IP Addresses

 Personalized Support

Email Software

High Deliverability












Starts from $250/month

Your Own Dedicated Email Server

Dedicated IP Addresses

Primary and Backup Delivery IP Addresses

Managed IP Warm-Up Process

Unlimited Email Campaigns

Unlimited Subscribers

Monthly Delivery Analysis

24/7 Sender Domain and IP Reputation

24/7 Blacklist Monitoring

Blacklist De-Listing Assistance

Month-to-month service, no commitment

Mark Thompson

“It’s been a great asset for my business for email deliverability. My open rates have doubled, compared to some of the other mainstream providers that I have used in the past. I’m getting such higher deliverability, which has ultimately increased my revenue and bottom line. Great job guys, I highly recommend them!”

Schedule a Free 30-Min Discovery Call

By the end of this Discovery call, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take to skyrocket your email marketing results!

Find a time on Eduard’s calendar to schedule your call today and we look forward to speaking to you soon.

This Discovery Call Is Perfect For:

Marketers who’ve had enough of the poor deliverability of shared autoresponders

Marketers looking to maximize their email open rates

Marketers with a list of at least 25,000 contacts

Marketers looking to increase revenue from their email channel

Marketers looking for a reliable agency that can make their business a priority

Meet The Founders

Sorin Asaftei

A perfectionist and the man behind our technology. He is the JVZoo #1 Affiliate of 2017 and JVZoo Top 3 Affiliates of All Time. He’s sent more than 1B+ emails in his 12 years as an Internet marketer

Eduard Stinga

A video marketing ninja and the creative brain behind 500 high-converting videos at his former advertising agency. Regularly speaks at business events around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dedicated email server is hosted only for your business email. This type of solution doesn’t share resources with other users and enjoys its very own dedicated hardware, IPs, and infrastructure

Getting an entirely dedicated and unique email server means that it will not be affected by other marketers’ behavior whatsoever.

With other solutions, you share the email infrastructure with other marketers, so if someone misuses the service to send low-quality emails or even spam, it lowers the IP reputation on the public pool of shared IPs, which will prevent many of your emails from reaching the inbox, even if you do everything else perfectly. A dedicated email server means your mailing will always be safe.

Marketers and businesses that want to maximize their email channel conversions by reaching the inbox more than their competitors who use other “mainstream” solutions. To see good returns you should have a list of at least 25,000 contacts.

While we can still help you increase your open rates and reach the inbox even at a smaller scale, this service is intended for high-volume senders with a list of at least 25,000.

We don’t just build high-performing dedicated email servers, but are here to support you at every step of your email marketing efforts.

Think of it as having email delivery experts in your corner providing 1-to-1 support, monitoring your stats, and providing feedback to get you the best results possible.

Our head of technology has been building dedicated email servers for 10+ years and sent more than 1B+ emails for himself alone. You don’t just become JVZoo Top 3 Affiliates of All Time without having an edge over your competitors!

You don’t have to be a technical person to run your email marketing with Inbox Delivery.

That’s why you hire us to take care of all the geeky stuff that goes on behind the scenes to make sure your emails reach the inbox.


While other companies will charge you up to $2,000 just to set up your dedicated email server, we don’t. We provide the entire setup for free and only charge a transparent and fixed monthly fee, without any other hidden costs.

We have various pricing plans depending on your needs and daily sending volume. To get an idea, the smallest plan starts at $200/month.

Please contact us to learn more about our solutions and pricing.

We don’t believe the service quality can be sustainable when it’s offered for free. For each customer we onboard, we offer a unique and tailored service based on their email marketing goals.

Building a dedicated email server takes time and expertise and is not automated. Other companies charge even $2,000 just to set you up, we don’t.

This is an extensive service that requires a lot of time and expertise to setup and maintain, therefore there are no refunds.

Other companies charge up to $2,000 just to set you up, while we don’t even charge a setup fee.

An SMTP solution is like any other “mainstream” email autoresponder, you share resources with other marketers and your inbox deliverability will be affected by their behaviour. If the users on your shared public pool of IPs send low quality emails or even spam, it will affect you as well, even if you do everything perfectly on your side.

It will take us around 48h to set up your entire infrastructure.

After that, there will be a warmup period where you can only send a limited number of emails, increasing the daily volume until we reach the total capacity of your selected plan.

Definitely not!

We have 10 years of email marketing experience and we know how challenging and complicated it is to deliver an email into the inbox. All technical requirements and compliances are handled by Inbox Delivery, but no matter how excellent of a service we provide, if you send low-quality emails to your unengaged list and get too many spam complaints or hard bounces, you can never deliver your emails into inboxes.


You can have an unlimited number of contacts and send an unlimited number of campaigns.

The only bottleneck for each plan is your daily sending volume, with a more powerful dedicated email server being able to send a higher volume of emails much faster.